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We LOVE Cupcakes. I mean LOVE. So much so, that we decided to surround ourselves with all things cupcake, in reality and in virtuality? Hence, this blog. We are always trying new cupcakes and improving on our recipes and have decided to pass the deliciousness on. We are starting to sell our cupcakes (and trust us, you will love them.) So feel free to let us know if you want to order and check back often for photos, deals and our favorite recipes.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

These are pictures of our last party. There were cupcakes EVERYWHERE!

We love simpable things!

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  1. I could devour a dozen of these cupcakes right now. Apple Pie with a Squeeze? Unbelievable! I want a savory and sweet cupcake right now!!! Man, I'm hungry. Remind me to order some of these next time I'm in town. The maple bacon, cinnamon toast, chocolate salted caramel, and the red velvet cupcakes are begging me to buy them. I'm salivating. I love simpable things too!